Bearing this title, a mimeographed dossier inspired by Colornian-Hirschmanian thought began to circulate in May 1994 as a side-initiative of the Chair of political economy within the Faculty of Economics at the University of Naples, and soon developed into the bulletin: Il bollettino degli improbabili. Several decades later, we now reclaim this title to launch the English language publications of “A Colorni-Hirschman International Institute”—not “the” Institute but “an” Institute, since we hope that similar undertakings will emerge elsewhere, also in other countries, and continents.

One of the many consequences of our digital era is that it enables us, in the course of our work, to identify the format most appropriate to our purpose as well as to subsequently modify it. At this point we cannot anticipate whether, in due time, this will be a newsletter, a bulletin, a periodical or an annual e-report. We know only that the responses to this dossier will help us correct it, improve it, and better understand how to pursue our line of thought.

Each dossier is divided into two parts.

The first is called “Our classics”: it focuses on their lasting legacy, and what we can learn from them. Each issue will provide materials by or on Eugenio Colorni and Albert Hirschman, our Dioscuri; and vy or on the group of people who shared their intellectual adventure, like Clifford Geertz, Judith Tendler, Sarah Hirschman, Guillermo o’Donnell.

The second part of the dossier is called “To say and to do”. It is based on reflections on the experiences of people who participate in A Colorni-Hirschman International Institute, whose practice feel inspired by the lesson of those committed intellectuals.