”A Colorni-Hirschman International Institute” is a tool for improvement. Its name (“A”C-HII instead of “The”C-HII) suggests that other people around the world may create their own Colorni-Hirschman Institutes.

AC-HII is privately financed on an equal basis by Entopan (Lamezia Terme), Associazione Colorni (15 members), Luca Meldolesi and Nicoletta Stame.

The story to which it refers began in Berlin in 1932, when Eugenio Colorni met Ursula and Otto Albert Hirschmann (this was his name at the time). It continued in 1941 when Albert met Sarah in Berkeley, and took a new turn in 1971, following Albert’s meeting with Clifford Geertz at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. Once these protagonists passed away, we, the founders of AC-HII, thought that the tradition they had started should not be dispersed. Hence the decision to study and apply their work. Our experience emerges from a network developed in the 1990s with the help of Albert, and arose from the University teaching experience, and later from the Commission for the Regularization of irregular work of the Italian government, by Luca Meldolesi.

A large number of people in their 30s, 40s and 50s have been raised in this tradition and are currently engaged in various activities, especially in Campania, Calabria, Sicily and Latium.

An idea of their work can be acquired from the website of Federalismo Democratico (

The work on the “Classics” has been and will be essential for these grassroots leaders because it serves as the precious glue that holds the network together, helping everybody to continue their positive endeavors, upgrading and enhancing their practical work.


The Institute implements and promotes research, training and awareness in order to publicize and foster the economic, social and political culture inspired by the work of Eugenio Colorni and Albert O.Hirschman, thereby deepening and disseminating their contributions to the development and emancipation of women and men through an international and multidisciplinary approach.