Rammendare il mondo

Many social science arguments are too abstract and rooted in a specific discipline to be able to cast light on the world we live in. However, with the help of the great anthropologist Clifford Geertz, it is possible to show that some analyses can be grafted on a vision better corresponding to our daily life: a more and more connected world, at the same time more and more fragmented and differentiated. Hence, a policy exploration on how to intervene on some (positive and negative) aspects of our time in order to master the tensions that upset it, and how to utilize the most convincing characteristics of the Italian (and world-wide Italic) culture. Thus, it will be possible to come to terms with the tragic large inflow of refugees that struck Europe starting from the Mezzogiorno and Greece: and, at the same time, to give momentum to the European construction.

Intransigenze, Mediterraneo e democrazia

Civil wars – open or hidden,  Middle-Eastern or African – and their serious repercussions on our zone of the globe suggested to search where few  are looking, with the aim of opening the way for a possible improvement of the situation.  With scientific rigor, no illusion whatsoever, and starting from some texts of Averincev, Hirschman and Geertz, the author inquired into some characteristics of Christian and Muslim religion, and religiosity.  His calm reasoning aims at fighting, above all, intransigence – starting from what ended into the many kinds of terrorism. His ambition is to contribute to shaping an environment more favorable to well-being, peace, democracy, liberty and social justice in the Mediterranean and in Europe. In this context, carrying on a dialogue with Piero Bassetti on Italicity, he discusses numerous new functions that our “community of sentiments” is – or could be in the future - called to perform.