Initiatives 2017

  • Preparing the third issue of “Long is the Journey” for this website;
  • Organizing the First conference on “Hirschman’s Legacy: theory and practice”, to be held at Boston University on October 6-7, 2017
  • In the book series “A Colorni-Hirschman International Institute” by Rubbettino Publishing House:
    • Luca Meldolesi: Alla scoperta del possibile. Il mondo sorprendente di Albert Hirschman (Discovering the Possible. The Surprising World of Albert Hirschman), II edition, 2017;
    • Eugenio Colorni: Critical Thinking in Action, ed. by Luca Meldolesi and Nicoletta Stame, 2017. 
  • Organizing the Second “Scuola colorniana” (Colorni School), Rome, January 20;
  • Organizing the seminar “Ricordando Judith Tendler” (Remembering Judith Tendler), Rome, February 14;
  • Co-organizing the seminar “Sud, Amministrazione, Sviluppo” (South, Administration, Development) with the Regional Council of Campania, Naples, February 20;
  • Organizing the seminar “Attualita’ della lezione cattaneana e le aree metropolitane di Napoli e Milano” (Actuality of Cattaneo’s lessons and the metropolitan areas of Naples and Milan), Naples, March 6;
  • Co-organizing the seminar “Il percorso politico di Eugenio Colorni” (The political journey of Eugenio Colorni), Rome, May 19;
  • Participating at seminars by ISVI (Institute for Entrepreneurial Values), Milan, June.


Initiatives 2016

  • Preparing the second issue of “Long is the journey” on this website;
  • Launching of the book series “A Colorni-Hirschman International Institute” by the Rubbettino Publishing House. First books published:
    • Eugenio Colorni: Microfondamenta. Passi scelti dall’epistolario (Micro-foundations. Selected pages from the epistolary), ed. by Luca Meldolesi, 2016;
    • Eugenio Colorni: La scoperta del possibile. Scritti politici(The discovery of the possible. Political writings), ed. by Luca Meldolesi, 2016. 
  • Meeting the mini-prizes recipients for their continuing development and empowerment; 
  • Participating in the Entrepreneurship Schools of Portici and Giugliano (Campania Region); 
  • Participating in the Conference Cycle “Passi Avanti, passi da fare” (Steps forward, steps needed) at Ambrosianeum, Milan; 
  • Co-organizing the seminar “Italiani svegliamoci e rammendiamo il mondo” (Italians, let’s wake up and mend the world), Naples, February 16; 
  • Organizing the first “Scuola colorniana” (Colorni school) , Montepulciano, March 18-20;
  • Participating in the seminar “Gestione imprenditoriale dei beni confiscate alla mafia” (Entrepreneurial management of the goods confiscated from mafia), Casal di Principe (Campania Region), November 4. 


Initiatives 2015

In the first year of its activity, AC-HII has concentrated its efforts on:

  • A meeting of the Board of the Institute with operatives and leaders of two generations in Montepulciano di Siena(May 15–17, 2015);
  • Financing two full scholarships and one partial scholarship to the Global Village of Future Leaders (Lehigh University, PE), a Summer Business School started by Lee Iacocca;
  • Connecting friends all over the world and launching this website;
  • Developing cultural work and initiatives according to the point of view espressed under “Our Classics” and in “Long is the Journey”;
  • Upgrading and enhancing practical work in various Italian regions, with special reference to the Italian South;
  • Awarding mini-prizes for young intellectuals.

Montepulciano di Siena (May 15–17, 2015)