The Institute implements and promotes research, training and awareness in order to publicize and foster the economic, social and political culture inspired by the work of Eugenio Colorni and Albert O. Hirschman, thereby deepening and disseminating their contributions to the development and emancipation of women and men through an international and multidisciplinary approach.

Building and animating

Building and animating, with a democratic federalist approach, an international network of people who are inspired by the thought of E. Colorni and A. O. Hirschman, and who adopt the analogous operational methods in order to achieve integration of knowledge, skills and experiences, fostering engagement, dialogue and cooperation among the various parts of the world. Interactions among the members of this network will comprise shared projects, meetings, cultural comparisons, and other relevant interventions geared towards the same end.

Supporting concrete applications

Supporting concrete applications of these concepts through the validation of various experiences (cultural, economic, political etc.) that have been inspired by these ideals, and the articulation of associated know-how that they have repeatedly exercised.

Building multi-level networks

Building multi-level networks of private, public and public-private experiences that are inspired by the Colorni-Hirschman perspective, and integrating their processes based on the principles of democracy, development and social justice.

Organizing the intellectual output

Organizing the intellectual output and applications inspired by Luca Meldolesi, and employing in every sphere a well-known Colornian stratagem: the method of affection through which an intelligent generosity will develop. In fact, this method teaches individual giving and collective receiving.

Safeguarding the existing trove of documents

Safeguarding the existing trove of documents, disseminating the results of research and interventions within the scientific community, creating opportunities for training and constituting a point of reference for the international network.

Fostering creativity and originality

Fostering creativity and originality in the theoretical and practical undertakings of the new generation through scholarships and mentorship, linking them with this perspective.

In the pursuit of these goals, the initiatives launched and promoted by the Institute are inspired by freedom, social justice, economic development, democracy and federalism, with a special focus on the 'South' of Italy.

In particular, the Institute promotes the following activities:

  • Research in the social sciences, with special attention to Hirschman’s tradition of ‘trespassing’;
  • Support and development of economic and cultural initiatives;
  • ®Provision of scholarships and research awards;
  • Training (managed both directly and indirectly);

Expert technical assistance on national and international scales in the following areas:

  • Development, modernization and social justice;
  • Entrepreneurship and business development;
  • Democratic processes in civil society and in local and national administration;
  • International cultural and economic networks, both public and private.